Free Gardening Workshops at Deming Library Saturday, March 22

Spring is just around the corner—get ready for the growing season with these free, family-friendly workshops at the Deming Library. Bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it! 5044 Mt. Baker Highway in Deming.

10 AM-1 PM: Learn the skill of fruit tree grafting with Master Gardener experts. This class is hands-on. Each participant or family will receive two rootstock for grafting and planting in their home orchard. Rootstock for dwarf apple, mini-dwarf apple, and semi-dwarf pear donated by Friends of the Deming Library.  Varieties of scion wood donated by Master Gardeners. Wear your gardening clothes. Limited space available for this free class; please register online at

1-2 PM: Spring Gardening Day at the library! Join master composter Elsie Konzelman to learn the fine art of worm bin composting. Turn your food scraps and other organic material into a valuable soil amendment called vermicompost, or worm compost. On site worm bin demonstration. All are welcome to this free class.

2-4 PM: Plant blueberries at the library with Stephanie Soicher from Mount Baker Berry Farm. Stephanie will cover the basics of starting your home blueberry patch from soil testing to planting to irrigation. During the workshop, organizers and participants will be planting 20 blueberry bushes donated by Mount Baker Berry Farm. This class is hands-on; please bring your boots and gloves. All welcome to this free class.

Seed Swap & Potluck: A Rite of Spring

The South Fork Valley Community Association and Local Food Works will host the seventh annual ‘Rite of Spring’ Seed Exchange and Potluck on Saturday March 8 from 4 to 6 PM at the Van Zandt Hall. Community members will be sharing seeds, plants, bulbs and gardening tips as well as tasty potluck dishes at this free, family-friendly event. 4106 State Route 9 near Potter Road in Van Zandt.


Seed Savers Exchange Webinar

Seed Savers Exchange Webinar

Starting your own personal seed collection is an excellent way to preserve the varieties you love. Begin collecting this year to ensure that next spring you’ll have your favorite seed varieties to share with friends and family as well as for your own garden! To help get you started we’ve assembled some stories from our listed members discussing why and how they began, highlighting the resources they used along the way.

About Local Food Works

Community Gardening--our ideal.

Community Gardening–our ideal.


Local Food Works is a grassroots volunteer effort to promote food equity, self-reliance, and sustainable living practices through the cultivation and sharing of knowledge, skills and resources within the Mount Baker Foothills community of eastern Whatcom County, Washington.

  • Food equity: regardless of income, all our neighbors will have access to clean, fresh, nutritious food.
  • Self-reliance: community members will share knowledge, skills and resources so that those who wish to “do it themselves” have opportunities to learn how.
  • Sustainable living practices: a focus on principles of permaculture and organic gardening, animal husbandry, plant and animal diversity, alternative energy systems, herbal healing practices, and economic viability of local farms and businesses leading to a strong Foothills economy.

Local Food Works is what we call a kitchen table organization–a description coined from stories about the beginnings of the civil rights movement in our country–it began with three women talking around the kitchen table about food issues, including growing, raising, harvesting, preserving, sharing, facilitating, teaching, networking, etc. After several years of talking about what our energy and experience could accomplish, we got organized. Between the three of us, our experiences with farming, self-reliance, intentional communities, homesteading and home schooling add up to at least 40 years! In addition to this core group we mobilize friends and neighbors on an as-needed basis for whatever projects we’re currently germinating. Over the years we have received financial support from the Community Food Coop through Farm Fund grants and a Community Shopping Day, which has helped pay for program supplies and events. We also partner with the South Fork Valley Community Association (our fiscal sponsor) and the Deming Library to host community events and activities that further our mission.

Our projects are designed to provide seeds, both literal and metaphorical, for a better future on our beautiful planet.